picBeth Biersdorf is a mom of two kids and is passionate about beaches, yoga and spreading happiness. Her background comes from her amazing experiences in life, through her widespread career path, and faithful group of family and friends.

Her extensive background in customer service comes from her time with Rollerblade; her selling skills from working with No Fear and Nikon; her business operations skills from her time with Sotheby’s International Realty, and personal management from the time she spent working closely with the Greg Lemond family.

Beth provides a friendly, professional, flexible and unbiased lifestyle management service to each of her clients. She is a personal lifestyle manager and handles all business or personal needs from start to finish. She consistently strives to build excellent client relationships and provide her clients with outstanding customer service. She understands her clients deserve the most excellent quality of service.

Beth has worked with some of the biggest brands within the industries she’s been in. From Rollerblade to No Fear, Nikon to Nike, Beth has crafted her past experiences into the services she offers today. She loves what she does and is among the very best at it. She can help you manage a lifestyle that others can only dream of. She’ll take your dreams and help you make them a reality by giving you the best gift of all – quality of life!