Beth Biersdorf was my Executive Assistant and Personal Assistant for two years. Her administrative knowledge and relationship skills help to support all aspects of my business. She is forward-thinking and creative. Her positive energy never faltered, she has the wonderful gift to attract people to her, which helped in all of my business operations. Her personal support for myself and my wife Kathy was priceless. We trusted her completely.

Greg LeMond, three-time Tour de France Winner

We lost our Business Manager earlier in the year. I had a mini-crisis on my hands and needed immediate help. I called Get It Done and Beth Biersdorf jumped right in. From getting venders paid, to collections, to managing hundreds of details, Get It Done executed all of it with very little direction. They even helped to get our new Business Manager trained and up to speed quickly. I highly recommend Beth and Get It Done. We will continue to work with them.

Frank Roffers, Artful Living Magazine, Lakes Sotheby’s Realty

We hired Beth Biersdorf of Get It Done to assist with an all-day company event that included people from all over the country. Beth was instrumental in organizing the event from catering, scheduling and resource planning. She saved us much time and helped us to make the event highly successful while staying within budget. We highly recommend Beth for any type of personal or professional assistance needed, as she offers a wide variety of services and is highly organized, has many contacts in the community, and has great time management skills.

Renee Vevea, Sr. Business Project Manager, United Health Group

I used to avoid walking down into my basement because of the way it made me feel: unorganized, a slob, and just an overwhelming sense of dread. This made life difficult, as I had to do laundry down there for five people! Over the years, as our children were growing, the basement had become a dumping ground for EVERYTHING! We had kept all of the kids’ toys, old sports equipment, old clothes, and lots of stuff that seems to accumulate with a busy family. We had made plans over and over to conquer the basement, but somehow managed to avoid ever actually doing it! This project had become a serious source of contention between my husband and myself. I didn’t see how we would ever get it accomplished. In steps, Beth Biersdorf, organizer extraordinaire, not only got me started, which seemed to be the hardest part, but she kept me motivated and on task. She worked with my schedule and we worked in manageable time frames. She hauled, she donated, she returned all sorts of stuff while keeping the fun during the process. She then went through and actually made my basement not only organized, but functional. Because of Beth and the success of the basement project, I now am moving on to other areas of the home. We never could have started without her, and who knew we could have such a great time doing it? My husband and I no longer have to have our “basement argument” and the laundry is no longer suffering down in the basement, waiting to be completed!

Lynda Stout

As a small business owner, my main focus is to grow my business and take care of my clients – and also try to maintain a well-balanced life. When I met with Beth I told her my goals for my business and also my personal life, she put a plan together to help me achieve these things. Before I knew it, the goals that I wanted to accomplish were completed! I could not have completed these things without Beth’s help. I highly recommend working with Beth to finish up those projects that you have always wanted to complete, to help with organizing files, office spaces, or your home, and simply to help you get things done, whatever that may be – she is the one to help you do it. She is great fun to work with, professional, and determined to see you succeed. I recommend her to anyone.

Mollie Windmiller, Windmiller Design Group